We value the rapport between the agents and the actors, in order to create a synergy available to those who think that professionalism is essential to create quality advertisements, films and productions.

Laura Pho Union

Founder Laura De Ambrosi

Laura has built up an amazing experience throughout the years, working with the most important agencies in Milan. She has successfully collaborated with production companies and casting directors spreading, like parsley, the actors she represents in all kind of productions and roles: ads, films, tv series, theatre plays, internet and any other kind of audio-video mean of communication or tool used for broadcasting, distributing, transmitting and communicating with the audience – already invented, or yet to be….

Laura is keen on human relations and she’s always available for “her” actors.

“The rapport I build with the actors I represent is essential”

Laura Pho Union

Agente Federica Agresti

Leggendo tra le righe del suo curriculum spicca l’innato talento per l’individuazione del volto giusto per ogni ruolo richiesto. A lungo dalla parte opposta della barricata ha selezionato attori e attrici per spot pubblicitari, fiction e lungometraggi affiancando il lavoro di importanti direttori casting del panorama milanese.

Ama essere al servizio del lavoro dell’attore per valorizzarne al meglio le doti artistiche e professionali e chiacchierare con lei può riservare spunti interessanti per la propria carriera.

“Agente o attore è tutta questione di stare in ascolto”

Claudia Tua Union

Junior Agent Claudia Tua

Claudia studied at the “Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti” of Milan. Under Stefano Anselmi’s expert guide, she graduated in Production as Assistant Director. However, after some internships at different production companies, she found out that her real passion was…to enquire into CVs and photo databases to spot new talents! She shadows Laura whenever selections for cinema or TV take place. Claudia is a real prodigy! Young and enthusiastic, she’s brought some fresh air to the team. She’s always available to listen to those who would like to have a career in the entertainment world.

“I speak to young generations and I believe in the future!”

Claudia Tua Union

Accounts Dept Paola Ferlini

Paola and Laura are long-time friends and this is one of the reasons why Paola got involved in cinema again.

She’s been working as Head of Finance and Administration Manager for a number of production companies for a long time and she decided to use her expertise to structure Union Italia in a more efficient and professional way.

Paola verifies all the contracts, ensuring that the actors are safeguarded – while the clients are guaranteed excellent customer care and advice. This is how she contributes to making Union Italia an international and future-oriented business!

“I know the rules and regulations of this field like the back of my hands”

Daniele Ornatelli Union

Co-Founder Daniele Ornatelli

Daniele studied with Irma Sandrey at the Lee Strasberg Institute of NY; he then followed with a scholarship on the Strasberg’s method with Anna Strasberg and Dennis Hopper , before taking a degree in Zanni and Magnifico at the “Scuola Internazionale dell’Attor Comico e Commedia dell’Arte“ with Antonio Fava.
Thanks to his education, Daniele has developed an approach that allowed him to play different and important roles in cinema, theatre houses and TV. Daniele is extremely talented and determined and that is where his dream comes from: create a strong group of actors to give voice to their professionalism, in a field that tends to overlook rules and merit.
He is our actor No. 1, of course.

“It’s many of us and there’s safety in numbers”